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A beautiful Selection of Aqua Indian Handmade Glass Lampwork , Tibetan ; Wooden Carved Colour Co-ordinated Jewellery Making Beads

Aqua Turquoise Indian Jewellery Beads Mix

SKU: Tilaki
  • A beautiful Selection of Exotic Indian Handmade Glass Lampwork , Including Tibetan Metal; Wooden Carved Colour Co-ordinated Jewellery Making Beads Quantity : 150g (sold as seen in photograph)

    The people of India have expended limitless energy and creativity in the invention of ornaments that celebrate the human body. Adorning the visible, material body, they feel, satisfies a universal longing for the embellishment of its intangible counterpart, namely the human spirit.

    So why Not Let your Creative Spirit Run Free.......!!

  • At Sabrikas  we always strive to ensure that you are more than happy with your purchases and are 100% committed to customer satisfaction. If, for any reason, your purchase arrives to you damaged or is unsatisfactory in anyway, we will make every effort to make sure that the situation is resolved to ensure you are happy with your purchase. 
    We wish you well on your Jewellery Making Journey....  May your Creative Spirit Run Free......!!! 

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